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In The Midst Of The Storm

Listening to this song, I started thinking about rainbows. I love how rainbows are such a powerful illustration of life.

Life can feel like a storm at times and 2020 has definitely felt that way for most people. It can feel like the rain and the wind are never going to end, like you’re never going to hear anything other than the thunder, like the flood of your own tears is going to drown you. It can feel like you’re in a hurricane, tossed around by the chaos of the world and your life. You long for the storm to end, for peace to come to this troubled world and your weary mind, but sometimes even in the storm you can see God’s fingerprints. Sometimes just as the rain is pouring down the hardest, the clouds will break and you will see a glimpse of His glory. Through the raindrops, you will see a rainbow. Through your tears, you will see evidence of God’s love. While part of you may wish that you could go back to the way things were before the storm, you will start to see the beauty even in the storm.

I hope as you listen to Jason Gray’s amazing song and watch my video that you are encouraged and reminded that God’s plan isn’t waiting for the storm to end. He is working His plan right now, in the midst of the storm.


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