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Their Lives Matter, Too

Change needs to start with the church.

Recently much of the world has been raising their voices and taking a stand for black lives, but there has been one very large group of black lives that has not been able to make their voices heard. A group of black lives that is so much larger than the ones we see, and yet they do not have a voice. They have never had a voice. They are perhaps the most forgotten, most ignored, and most vulnerable group of people on the entire planet. You may be wondering who I am talking about.

I’m talking about black babies. Unborn black babies. You may not know this, but tragically, death outnumbers life in the black community and out of the 649, 227 black deaths each year, the leading cause of death is abortion. 259, 336 black lives are killed by abortion each year. Abortion kills more black lives each year than the top 15 leading causes of death combined. If we’re going to say that black lives matter, shouldn’t that mean ALL black lives?

Yes, black voices deserve to be heard. ALL black voices deserve to be heard!

This world is not going to change until we make sure that ALL lives are protected!

This topic may be unpleasant, but coffee and Bible apps won’t change anything. We have to be the change!

If you would like more information on these statistics, or on how to stand up for unborn black lives, you can visit: and  


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