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Worry & A Playlist

This was something I wrote awhile back but never posted. It never seemed like the right time, but right now I think we all need this reminder!

You know those parts of the Bible you read and go, “now somebody must know me really well, otherwise how did this get in here?” You know like Matthew 6 where it says not to worry about what you will eat or what you will wear, as you’re sitting there freaking out about the future (aren’t we all doing that right now!).

Or what about those verses you read or hear and you want to believe them, but you just can’t? Like, “are you not worth more than the birds?” Come on, it sounds simple, right?

“But I don’t feel like I’m worth more than the birds. I mean, I look at them and I see God’s handiwork. I look at me, and God forgive me for saying this, but I don’t always see His handiwork.”

And then there come the guilt and the shame because you know you shouldn’t be worrying or insecure, but it’s just so hard not to be. And you’re sitting there and it’s starting to surround you and you feel like you’re sinking. Sound familiar? I think it’s way too familiar for so many of us and we just don’t know how to change. Even though it hurts, sometimes it’s easier to stay in our mess than it is to leave it.

I don’t think we usually think about it this way, but when we worry, we’re making it our master instead of God. Christ says, “No one is able to serve two masters,” and that’s right before He starts telling us why we shouldn’t worry.

The Creator of the universe is holding us in the palm of His hand and He is in control of everything that concerns us. That’s not to say that He never allows difficulties or pain or problems; He does and most of the time we don’t understand it. We may never understand it this side of eternity, but He is still in control.

Nothing has ever surprised Him and nothing ever could. He formed each one of us with His own hands and He knows everything that has ever happened, or ever will happen to each one of us. Before He even made us, He knew us. He knew who we would be, He knew the plans He had for us, and He still has those plans. Even when our minds are dark, even when we feel lost, He still has plans for us. He still loves us, His love Never fails.

Do Not Fear Pt. 1 


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