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Happy 2020 & A Special Announcement!

Happy 2020! Aside from being New Year’s Day, today is also this little blog’s birthday. 🙂 One year ago today, I launched InBeautifulChaos.com with this post. In addition to New Year’s greetings and blog-birthday excitement, I also have an announcement to make!!!

Tomorrow, I will be starting a special e-mail series called “30 Days of Brave”! Everyday for the next 30 days I will be sending out an e-mail with a free downloadable Scripture verse art print. The verses were all specifically chosen to encourage you to bravely face your fears during this coming year. At the end of the 30 days, I will also be hosting a giveaway for a lucky someone to win a free physical print of one of the verses!

If you are already subscribed to this blog, you will automatically receive the “30 Days” e-mails and be entered in the giveaway. However, if you have not yet subscribed, you should do so now because only the first and the last “30 Days” posts will be posted on the blog. The others will be sent via e-mail and you will only receive them and be entered in the giveaway if you’re on the e-mail list. If you know someone who would be encouraged by this, please let them know!

And, to celebrate the beginning of a new decade, I compiled a playlist of some of the best Christian songs of the last decade that you may not have heard in awhile! You can check it out here.

Happy New Year’s and God Bless!

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